The Love for Samba Sport in Africa

It is true that before the coming of Europeans or civilization, football was alien to the continent, but now, this sport is recognized as one of the most loved and followed in the whole continent. Individuals have their preferred soccer team with its slogan, logo, and football team banners.

According to research, football sport was first introduced in the continent in the mid 19th century by a European explorer. However, these individuals’ major aim was not to come and introduce only football but to bring civilization to the whole continent. The first game played in South Africa was when military personnel had a game with some selected civilians with no laydown rule.

In the earlier years, there were actually few football rules, clubs, football banner designs, or match officiators as the sport’s major aim was to catch fun. Still, as civilization advances, people begin to see it as a means of profit and loss.

After the first samba recorded game in 1862 between soldiers and civilians, people began to love the sport as more people joined its participation. There were now reports of the game being played among civilians in communities, railway stations, compounds, and several other places.

It was the endless love of the sport that innovators decided to introduce a “stadium,” which would accommodate more spectators and satisfy their urge for the game.

During the early years of football in South Africa, researchers reported that football in Africa was played like today’s rugby. There were reports of several injuries caused among players. Some of these injuries take a long time to heal and, in some cases, eventual death. This prompted some groups of individuals to introduce football rules in 1863 to reduce the sport’s fatality rate, which eventually reduced drastically.

After establishing the Pietermaritzburg County Football Association in the year 1880, there were confirmed reports that some North Africa countries like Egypt, Algeria, and others have also been introduced to the sport. After several years, the first football club was established in Africa with its fanbase, custom football team banners, and slogan.

Before 1900, there was a report of more football teams creation in South Africa, some of which are Savages FC and Gezira SC, which are still existing.

This action motivated Algeria to establish their football clubs Alexandria SC( in 1890) and CDJ Oran(1894). However, during this time, there was no inter-country competition report as football clubs only play within themselves with competitions held in their geography.

After football games became rampant in South Africa, North Africa, other parts of the continent began to pick interest in the sport. In order to promote inter-country games and competitions, Africa’s first football governing body was established in 1982, and the organizers reiterate that the purpose of this establishment is to promote love and unity in the continent and allow an exchange of cultures and values among fellow continent men and women.

The organization was also saddled with ensuring that game rules are appropriately followed. Players get compensated for their commitment to the game, and there will be an opportunity for football clubs to represent the continent in global competitions.

A confirmed report has it that some clubs and players invoke voodoo for their success in-game matches. Some would slaughter animals, tie charms, and other substances for their success.

As the sport began gaining ground in the continent, African saw these as opportunities to exploit one another especially young ambitious players. Agents and other officials would approach players promising to give them false hope to play in Europe by bringing a certain amount of money. After the money has been collected, they would disappear.

Another disadvantage in African football is the government or sports organization’s refusal to pay players their stipends. Some players would have to go on boycott matchday for several weeks before they receive their money. Situations like these and several others have made football in Africa a little backward compared to other continents, especially Europe.

Because of the non-development of African football and lackadaisical attitude of government toward the development of Africa’s soccer, these have prompted several players to relocate or sort for an agent that will help them play for Europe or another continent, some even decide to play for the national teams of their host countries and forget their root.

As the development of men soccer advances worldwide, so does their female counterpart in some countries, female national team football players earn more men although male footballers are more recognized.

In Africa, female football has experienced an improvement in some regions. Still, some African countries do not have more than ten female football clubs as little attention is given to the female players, unlike the male.


Although large Africans have proved to have much more love for soccer than other sports, various government lackadaisical attitudes have made the sport unattractive to investors. Football, widely known as a sport for fun, has been a big business venture for investors and revenue for the government.